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Charter Boats - FAQ

Frequently asked questions about chartering a Boat or Yacht

Q: So what is chartering a yacht really like?
A: Think of it this way - why just take a cruise when you can take the whole boat? Why stay at one land-locked resort when you can travel to a variety of beautiful places? Charter your own private yacht, and say goodbye to the crowds, waiting lines, and pre-set itineraries. It'll just be you and a few friends or family deciding where you want to go and what you want to do, whenever you want.


Q: How do I pick a boat?
A: Luxury Charters of New Zealand has a wide variety of yachts to choose from, suitable from two to eleven guests. Let us know how many people, where you want to go, what your budget is and we'll do the rest.


Q: What is the cost of a crewed charter?
A: The cost of crewed charter vary depending upon several issues like: the size of vessel, power or sail, duration of the charter etc. A charter of more than one day is usually inclusive of food, non alcoholic drinks, four hours cruising per day and most water sports. Depending on the type of charter, the price per day starts from NZ$4,000 per day. We have goods and services tax in New Zealand of 15%. The price quoted to you will tell you how much the GST is.

Extras that are not included in the price are alcoholic beverages, extra fuel, telecommunications and land transfers or shore excursions.

The New Zealand cruising season is from November to April. The hottest months are January, February and March. The season in Fiji, Tonga and the other islands of the South Pacific is from May to October. The off season will generally be cheaper than peak times.

Gratuities are not compulsory but are appreciated when the service merits it. Remember that your crew work hard to ensure your vacation is a great one. They are your chef, bartender, tour guide, waiter, ....


Q: How many crew are there?
A: There will be between two and four crew on your yacht, depending on how many guests. There is always a captain and a chef and sometimes a stewardess or deckhand.


Q: What kind of activities are there to do?
A: All vessels have water sports and will vary depending on equipment. These might include snorkeling, Scuba Diving, knee boarding, water-skiing, jet skis, windsurfing, kayaks and fishing. Most water sports are included in the price.

There are also lots of island, beaches and villages to explore in New Zealand and the South Pacific so make sure you bring some suitable walking shoes.


Q: What type of food and drinks are served?
A: The menus are designed around your food preferences. The chefs are excellent and can usually prepare any dish requested. When you have booked your charter, we will send you an information sheet so you can outline your preferences, what you like and don't like and what sort of drinks you prefer.


Q: Where do we go?
A: The itinerary is based on your preferences of activities. Although we will offer initial advice, the crew know the territory very well and will tailor the cruise to fit your requests. This will often depend on how active or relaxed you would like to be. Generally the yacht will cruise for a few hours in the morning after breakfast, put down the anchor then you have the rest of the day free to do whatever you feel like!


Q: What Should We Bring?
A: Soft sided luggage is a good idea as space is limited and storage is easier. For clothing bring casual wear, mostly shorts and t-shirts, and swimsuits - we call them "togs" in New Zealand! "Smart casual" is the norm here, even in more formal restaurants. Most of the yachts carry an assortment of masks and snorkels but you are very welcome to bring your own. If you are expecting to scuba dive, check with us to make sure of the available equipment on board the yacht. The New Zealand sun is quite harsh so bring plenty of sunscreen and a hat.